Finley Elementary School

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Happy New Year 2016!

Welcome back, everyone! The new year provides us with ample opportunities to continue our work to increase academic achievement for all students. By working in partnership, parents, students, and staff we continue to see amazing growth as evidenced by our baseline CAASPP scores and numbers of students achieving proficiency in English.
In November our school applied for the California Gold Ribbon Award provided through the California State Department of Education. Our focus was on the steady increased academic achievement over the last nine years due to our instructional practices to promote increased English fluency. We anticipate a response at the end of January on the status of our application.
We will notify everyone as soon as we know what the next steps will be.
To support our ongoing efforts to provide a positive and safe school environment we ask that you review the 3A Eagle Way: Act Respectfully, Act Responsibly, and Act Safely. Please talk about what that sounds and looks like. We will conduct a mini tour and review of the matrix this month.
To support our ongoing efforts with responsibility, please continue working with your children at home with the nightly, timed one minute oral fluency reads. Ask your child's teacher for help if you need support. Please also ensure that your children attend school everyday as attendance is pivotal. Students fall behind when they are absent. This year, each school's attendance will be factored into the academic  statewide rankings! Please help us to continue to make growth by ensuring that your children are in school every day.
Finally, safety is truly one of or greatest concerns and we are relentless in conducting monthly drills. On January 29, 2016 at 9:00a.m. we will conduct a school wide simulation drill to help us prepare for a lockdown. We will send home reminder notices as the date approaches.
We look forward to a productive 2016 working in partnership with students and parents to follow the 3A Eagle Way.