Student Standards & Expectations

Dear Parents:

Welcome to Finley School! It is our sincere desire to make this school year an outstanding one for your child. Below are some items of interest and other information that form a part of our school policy. Your kind cooperation in helping us to maintain these procedures will be appreciated.

Children are encouraged to arrive at school no earlier than 7:25 a.m. Students should be picked up in front of the school by the benches outside the Multipurpose Room. Please DO NOT park in the red zone. Please do not jeopardize children’s lives or encourage poor safety habits by asking children to step between parked cars or cross the street without using the crosswalk.

Most of our support monies are based on the child attendance factor. It is required by law that we know the reason for your child's absence. You may do this by written note or a phone call to the school office, 895-7764.

Fourth and fifth grade students may ride bicycles to school. Helmets must be worn and safety rules must be obeyed at all times. It is the responsibility of the parent to furnish a lock for their child's bicycle. We are not responsible for lost bicycles. Third grade students can ride bicycles after January 1.

All students who bring a cell phone must turn it in to their teacher at the start of the day. It will be returned to the student at the end of the day. Any student found using a cell phone during the school day will have to turn the cell phone in to the office and it will need to be picked up by a parent. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen cell phones.

Beginning this School Year 22/23, Nutrition Services will provide FREE MEALS to all WSD enrolled students. NO MEAL APPLICATIONS NEEDED!! Each day, students in attendance may come to the school cafeteria to take a *FULL BREAKFAST & LUNCH MEAL at no cost during the designated meal times. Students will still be asked to memorize and input in their Lunch Pin numbers for meals taken. Each meal will include nutritious options of Whole Grain Entrees with different proteins, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, and drinks that include 100% Fruit Juice & Low or Nonfat Milk. All meals are in compliance with USDA's Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Please check with
your school office for meal service times.

Please, no carbonated drinks (soda) in cans or bottles...They cause a problem because they are warm and almost always have been "shaken up" while being carried to school, causing them to spray all over students at the lunch tables.

Finley is a beautiful school. We hope that you will work with us to maintain pride in our school and community by encouraging your child to show respect for school property and the gardens. Vandalism hurts all of us. Dollars spent to repair vandalized damage means less dollars available for books and other instructional items.

When you feel you may have a problem or there is an area you need to discuss, please feel free to contact the teacher or the office by note or phone so an appointment can be made for you.

Children are NOT permitted to wait after school for their brothers/sisters and/or friends. We do not have any way of watching these children. Children in grades 1, 2 and 3 must leave the school grounds as soon as they are dismissed.

From time to time, we have found it necessary to send stray animals to the animal control center. This is a task we find very hard to do. Every effort is made to locate the owners before calling the shelter authorities. Many times, pets follow children to school and become stimulated and irritated by the many children playing on the grounds. We cannot run the risk of children being bitten or scratched and our only recourse is to call animal control. Please try to see that your child's pet remains at home.

Fire drills and disaster drills will be conducted from time to time to enable children to be prepared in emergencies.

The ASES PRIDE Program is available on campus from dismissal times until 6:00 p.m. and will assist students with homework, provide snacks and other age-appropriate activities. Students must be recommended for this program by their teachers, and an application must be submitted and approved by Raul Olivas, principal, and by Mr. Danny Cuellar, ASES PRIDE Program Director. For more information stop by the Finley office for an application or call (714) 895-7764.

The importance of current addresses, home phone number, parent(s) work number(s), and emergency names and phone numbers for students cannot be overemphasized. Three emergency cards are to be completed and returned to your child’s teacher. You must contact the school’s office if you have a change in your phone or work number. You must provide the school with a utility bill if you have a change of address. Please include any allergies to foods or medicines.

The aim of our school health program is to promote healthy living at school and in the community. Your cooperation is needed in an effort to promote good health for our pupils. You, as a parent, can be our most valuable ally in the prevention of colds, communicable diseases and other serious illnesses. If your child complains of feeling ill or seems "not himself", please do not send him to school. Keep him at home where you can observe him. No student will be permitted to remain in school if he has a skin rash of any kind unless we have a note from your doctor stating it is not contagious. Since medical treatment is primarily the responsibility of the parent and the physician, medications are rarely given in school. If a special or serious problem requires that medication be given during school time, written authorization of physician and parent is required. Forms for this permission may be obtained at the school office. In most cases, the parent is urged, with the help of the family doctor, to work out a schedule of medication outside of school hours. If you feel that your child’s problem is such that medication must be given during school time, please contact the school secretary or school nurse for the proper procedure to be followed. Under no circumstances will a student be permitted to carry or self-administer medication of any kind. This includes medications such as aspirin and cold tablets.

Names in jackets, on lunches, lunch boxes and personal possessions will help us to keep our lost and found relatively free of unclaimed articles. We want to return lost items to the proper owners but this is very difficult to do unless items are labeled. Students and parents are encouraged to check for lost articles in the lost and found box.

For a variety of activities, students are scheduled for regular periods in the library. Therefore, our school library is an important part of our curriculum. Books may be checked out for one week. Students are responsible for taking care and returning books. Students will be required to pay for lost and/or damaged books.

Children going home for lunch must have a written permit from their parents on file at school.

Please do not permit your youngster to bring money to school except for cafeteria programs or for other approved projects. We would like to encourage them to bring just the exact amount needed for that day. Left-over change is easily lost or misplaced.

We believe participation in PTA activities demonstrates an interest in students' education and strengthens the ties between home, school and community. We invite you to become a part of Finley's membership.

We want to protect your children as much as possible from the danger of being picked up by some unauthorized person. Therefore: NO child will be excused to leave the grounds unless a parent or guardian comes to school to sign them out. WE CANNOT DISMISS YOUR CHILD BY A PHONE CALL. If your child comes home for lunch and for some reason is not returning to school, please call us.

At certain times of the day traffic increases around our school. We are striving to impress upon our students the importance of crossing streets at crosswalks. Also, children are not to walk through the parking lot. If we share this responsibility, accidents may be prevented. Please do not jeopardize children’s lives or encourage poor safety habits by asking children to step between parked cars or cross the street without using the crosswalk.

The playgrounds will be in use from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please keep your children who are not in school away from the grounds during these hours.

Students ARE NOT allowed to ride skateboards or razor scooters to school. We do not have the facilities to store these during the day.

Parent and community volunteers give their time and talent to help as members of the educational team. Many assist in the classroom while others make classroom aids or correct papers at home. If you wish to help in this program, please call the school. Your help is needed and appreciated.
Please see this link for additional information about technology

If you plan to move from our area, please notify us so we can issue a transfer card to facilitate registration of your child at his/her new school.

Students may not bring any sports equipment or personal property, including toys, trading cards, or valuable items, such as cameras and radios to school. Such articles interfere with learning. Finley Elementary School and the Westminster School District will not be responsible for lost or damaged personal items which students bring to school. Any confiscated items must be picked up in a timely manner by the parent.

You are welcome to visit any time. However, before going to any classroom, please stop by the office. California law requires all visitors to check in at the school office. No unauthorized persons will be allowed on campus. If you wish to see a specific part of your child's educational program, we suggest an appointment be made with his teacher to obtain the exact time the subject is being taught. It is often disturbing to students and teachers to be disrupted during lessons or testing.

Any objects capable of hurting others are not allowed at school. The Westminster School District has a zero-tolerance policy on weapons, even “look-a-likes” which include toy guns, knives, etc. Please check your child’s backpack before they leave for school to be sure they have only the materials that are necessary for the learning process. Children who bring weapons to school may be expelled.

We hope the above information will be a help to students and parents at Finley School. We want to do what is best for the children at our school while maintaining high standards. If you have questions, please feel free to call the school office.