Accelerated Reader


Accelerated Reader (AR) is a software for primary and secondary schools used for monitoring the practice of reading. It was created by Renaissance Learning, Inc. After assessing the individual, the teacher is able to identify the appropriate reading level for that student. The teacher then guides the student to select books at his/her appropriate reading level (zone of proximal development).
Accelerated Reader has three functions:
• Assessment of a student's reading level
• Suggesting titles of books at that level
• Assessing whether a student has completed reading a book
Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes are available on fiction and non-fiction books, textbooks, supplemental materials, and magazines. Most are in the form of reading practice quizzes, although some are curriculum-based with multiple subjects.
Many of the company's quizzes are available in an optional recorded voice format for primary-level books, in which the quiz questions and answers are read to the student taking the quiz. These quizzes are designed to help emerging English readers take the quizzes without additional assistance.
Reports are generated on demand to help students, teachers, and parents monitor student progress.